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Three styles you see on Ocaña’s Terrace

That can encontrate Ocaña all, we know. What some may not know is that WE LOVE!

In less than four days beginning August, and nothing and less we planted in September and fully into the fashion weeks of New York, Paris, London and Milan. Our friends inspire art and trend so I move 3 styles that succeed in Ocaña …

In Ocaña ANYTHING GOES, we pay tribute to our beloved Jose Perez Ocaña, freedom fighter openly. Where some see boldness we see ARTS, CULTURE, STYLE, FASHION and NATURE. Core values of our space.

1. Black, the color base for any style. Combined with bright colors, headgear, scarves, foulards, scarves, earrings, here our dear amfitriona PR and accompanied by a large known and usual our parties. NEVER leave us indifferent and CELEBRATE IT!

Two. In June we did the first show room of this great promise of fashion. The Israelite living in Barcelona is revolutionizing urban fashion. Idan Dark Gilony and vision based on electronic music has revolutionized the landscape of the Catalan capital. In Ocaña support to young artists and this is the result:

Three. There are people who put what ever will be always cute. This applies to many of our friends. Shirt and bow tie, jeans and any shirt. Freestyle for this hot couple!