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Three combinations that will make you succeed

Experts say that there is a wine for each course, as we propose in Ocaña 3 meals for 3 copazos:

One of the special moments when you are walking through Barcelona is when you acces in the Plaza Real these summer months at noon and see which is divided into shade and sun. Difficult choice for those who come from cold countries. Not the same for those who are from here. No doubt shade. The heat causes Moritz cry in those cups so cold and no queue on our terrace to sit and taste our menu with the best views.

Ocaña know that 1 +1 will never be two, so today we present three types of drinks you’ll want to accompany with these 3 appetizers:

For last morning:

Virgin Bloody Mary:

Tomato juice, lemon juice, a dash of Worcestershire, tears of tabasco, salt and pepper. Refreshing and spice combination accompanied by olives and oysters later you will face much stronger


The mixture of Rum with Fresh Mint “embraced”, Raspberry, Chambord Liqueur, Sugar, Natural Lime and Soda is the fusion of sweet with sour lime and freshness of your herbs. What better choice to accompany this drink to a good selection of cheeses, dried, cured and sweet. Perfect combination for the evening you will succeed in your visit as Amfitrion.


Geneva, alfábrega fresh, fresh lime and sugar syrup, shaken in a cocktail shaker and served in a glass on the rock. Sunset arrives and gives us some breathing room. Sit or POSATE in our bar and accompany it with a plate of ham.

Ready to start the night?