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Showroom UY. UY – 25.07.2013

Thursday, July 25 at 16:00 pm WE ARE COME BACK!

The second edition of SHOW ROOM UY. UY. The fashion label created by Idan Gilony & Fanny Lawaetz inspired by urban culture, “dark” vision and the techno music scene.

The collection brings the cosmopolitan spirit and asymmetric forms. It also displays his collection one of the finalists of Modafad, Andra Handaric that created their pieces with rich textures and structural forms. His latest work, entitled ARGAT questions the idea of cultural identity within the context of globalization with reference to the traditional costumes of Transylvania.

The Russian artist Sasha Kellerman will make his live painting performance and enlivening the evening sounds of music mixed Shira hand Guitieres Kela and Isabella.

See you!