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Gori de Palma Showroom – 01.08.2013

STD: 1st August GORI DE PALMA SHOWROOM in OCAÑA FROM 4pm til 9 pm

An artist whose work revolves from its beginnings around black color, leaning on soundtracks as conceptual guidelines in the stratum of their proposals. Maintains a formal development in the field of fashion where the filter afterpunk, the industrial, the dense, tight and sex affect their collections.

In the development of the image / concept of each collection, campaigns, lookbook, lighting design, staging, casting … explores various media to create grids storyline reflective about their work. Gori de Palma becomes their scope for action in support synergies that reveal their creative impulses, which displayed an array of references that strung together lead to an author signature tune, dark, evil sound and touch.

The importance of their job not only affects the formal outcome of their collections, but that centralizes his speeches in the conceptualization of the garments, the re-presentation of his personal obsessions or even as a reflection of their experiences. Consider his collections as “exercises in style” and they form an elaborate supplement that enriches all his remarkable career as a designer.

His impeccable trajectory has allowed work with Swarovsky, Vans, American Apparel and General Optics. And participating in various exhibitions in CCCB (Barcelona) and Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), showing his critical view of art, fashion and consumption.

“Witch House” is the latest project of Gori de Palma for AW-SS.13 collection, which reflects on the visible (corporeal) and the invisible (spiritual)

The inspiration comes from two sources, first and spiritualist philosophical doctrines born in France the nineteenth century, which address the nature, origin and destiny of Spirits, as well as its relations with the world body.

And in the second instance, the style Witch House, which is used to describe a dark electronic musical genre with gothic rock influences of the 80’s, the dark wave and industrial sound; linked to a very particular aesthetic, and a iconography filled with allusions to spiritism, witches and satanic.

“Witch House” build your own order of references and organizes your images on the basis of two motions, one historic and one musical. The work, through the mechanism of appropriation of these two movements, creates its own aesthetic space.

The collection is divided into two parts. Live and Dead / Black and White.

On the one hand a collection all in black, full of detail and tailoring of the nineteenth century

very masculine line, with some original period pieces, fully restored and reinterpreted removed.

On the other hand, the dead or ghosts, all white, and female, full transparency, long dresses, etc … … which mostly come from sheets, curtains, and bedspreads purchased at antique shops and auctions.