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The Flamenco dancer with a fan

“Flamenco dancer with a fan” by Alejandro Molina

Papier-mâché sculpture colored with acrylic paint made to decorate the Plaza Real for the celebrations of the Mercé of the year 1986.

Alejandro’ sculpture, 3.80 m high, was made, along with five other large pieces, for the tribute that the Barcelona City Hall surrendered to the memory of the artist Ocaña for the festivals of Mercé. The sculpture was preserved by Lucila Aguilera and his partner Rafael Llornet at the Raval Bar for the last 30 years. When they sold the bar, they offered us the sculpture, we took care of it and set about restoring it, bringing back all its splendor.







After an excellent restoration by Samuel Mestre, the work returned to its place of origin in 2015, on the Plaza Real, at Café Ocaña.

Photos by NAZARIO and R. SALAS.