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10 reasons to come to Ocaña

Reasons are many but decided today we bring you 10 reasons why you should come to Ocaña:

  • It’s on the Plaza Real, the scenario is special Ocaña custody, boasts unique architecture and a magical atmosphere
  • The decor of the space is unique, so every detail is taken care of and is unique: Every evening there new fresh carnations and candles
  • For an extensive menu with a wide selection of international dishes
  • They have the best cold beer. Choose a Moritz always a hit to quench thirst
  • The music, both the music and the live punctured. You take a tea breakfast with a good jazz or swing back in your basement or provide special electronics the best time
  • The bathrooms, especially the boys, the design also comes into this small space where you can also meet people VERY close
  • Combined quality. The best bartenders are always ready to deletairte with your last prescription
  • Vernissage & Showroom, concerned with art and pop culture, almost every week you will see exposed works of young artists and the latest collections of the new talents of the Catalan capital
  • Its terrace is strategically placed. You can choose to quench your greed between the sun or shade, depending on the time of year. They also have a small terrarium with flowers. You will feel at home
  • OUR CUSTOMERS: They also make Ocaña special, everyone is welcome