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Mario Greenfield, the wizard of mixes

Mario Greenfield, author of the Apotheke cocktail list, alternates between Barcelona and Berlin, between the Ocaña and the places he created and owns: the Amano Bar, the Restaurant Mani, the Tausend and Rocco & Sanny.

‘Barcelona and Berlin are alike in many ways,’ says Greenfield, who connect the Plaça Reial with the Berliner essences: raw materials of the very highest quality, exquisite attention to the details and a flair for blending old and new ingredients in unexpected combinations.

The Apotheke menu proposes a refreshingly contemporary review of classic cocktails and experiments with the whole gamut of elements that can go into a mixed drink, from the most familiar to the most exotic; forgotten favourites from days gone by and ingredients being used now for the first time. How is it possible to make something so good?